Printing services – Guide

While purchasing postcard printing services, many people give no attention to the aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is the postcard length divided by the postcard height. The aspect ratio is this result. For your postcards to obtain lower compatible postcard automation prices, the postcard aspect ratio must be 1.3 or higher. You can see that you can end up paying much more in postage to mail your postcards by not considering volume while making your postcard printing choices.

A particularly confusing choice for postcard printing can be the type of paper stock on which the postcard is printed. There are two types of postcard stock to consider when making your printing choices for postcard printing services. Such factors are the thickness of the stock on which the postcards are printed and the end of the stock on which the postcards are printed. You also see this as 4/1 color postcards when making your postcard printing choices. printing services

Postcard printers use the term “bleed” to describe an effect that appears as if a postcard image flows off the edge of the postcard. Postcard printers create this effect by over-sizing the postcard in each direction by one-eighth of an inch. The images are stretched to this extended boundary on the postcards. Then the postcard printers will trim this extra eighth of an inch during the process of printing the postcards. This restores the original size of the postcard. Using a bleed when printing postcards, particularly when printing full color postcards with colorful images, makes for a great professional direct mail item.

Another consideration is the type of proof you are going to receive when selecting the postcard printing services to use. The proof guarantees that the printing of the postcard printer suits the layout of the postcard. One last thing to consider when making your choices for postcard printingFind Post, how many postcards you order. Many postcard printers can send less postcards than the number of ordered postcards. These postcard printers have policies that enable them to ship up to 10 percent less than the ordered number of postcards. If they do this, only the number of postcards they actually delivered will cost you.